Welcome to CASA ONline 2020!

Dear CASA ONline Friends and Families,

Welcome to CASA at Sheridan School!

We are very sad we will not be able to see you all in person this summer, however, we are very excited to offer many fun and creative online classes. We are excited to kick off summer on June 22nd with a variety of wonderful classes!

To us, summer is here for us to explore new things and to do what makes us happy… to us, summer is CASA ! Each day will allow your child to explore and be creative with their teachers and peers. 

We’re delighted that your entire family and friends are part of it. We look forward to getting to know you and your child as the days unfold. If we can answer any questions or improve your CASA ONline experience in any way, please never hesitate to let us know.

Wishing you sunshine and rainbows this summer!

Nathalie & your CASA ONline friends, 

Nathalie Šviedrys
Director of Auxiliary Programs
CASA Director


Inside our Office

Nathalie Šviedrys CASA Director

Aaron Hart CASA Program Manager


General Information

CASA’s Mission

CASadapts part of Sheridan School’s Mission to provide a quality Summer experience:

CASat Sheridan School’s mission is to create an inclusive, vibrant learning community. We take joy in learning, show kindness and empathy towards others, embrace new experiences and ideas, and continually seek a deeper and fuller understanding of the world. Our motto is: 

“Respect ourselves, each other, and our environment.”


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at Our primary focus is on providing the best online learning experience possible. 


Payments:  All payments are due in full at the time of registration. There is no pro-rating for absences. 

Refunds: You may cancel your registration up June 15 to receive a refund of 75% of the program cost. If CASA ONline cancels, change, or reschedule any programs for CASA ONline 2020 that no longer work for your family, we will provide a full refund. All payments are final. If you decide to withdraw your child from a class, we will refund 50%.


All classes will take place via Zoom. Access codes for your child’s classes will be provided each Sunday before a new session begins at 5:00 p.m. so parents can help children log into Zoom. Please look for an email coming from CASA ONline with the instructions for participation. 


 In order to support virtual programming, your children must follow these guidelines when using Zoom. 

  • Appropriate language, behavior, and dress are expected. 
  • Technology should be used in an appropriate place. Children may not Zoom or chat from their beds, bathroom, or other inappropriate places. 
  • Profile pictures must be appropriate. Please know that teachers and other students will see the image you post. 
  • Children should be aware of what is in the background. They should not set distracting backgrounds. 
  • Please do not permit your children to eat or engage in other distracting behavior while “in session.” 
  • Chat functions are for session purposes only. We want your child to connect and engage, but they may not use the chat to socialize inappropriately. It would be like talking out of turn while the teacher is teaching in the classroom. All of the same behavioral expectations that apply in a physical classroom apply in the virtual setting. Children must engage appropriately at all times.
  • If a child needs to leave, they should let the staff know in a private message.  
  • No phones (unless instructed by your teacher) are permitted during a Zoom session. Videos, photos, stories, and Snapchat, as well as any other forms of recording, are prohibited. 


To deliver its summer programs, CASA ONline might use, depending on the class, several digital software applications, and web-based services operated not by the School, but by third parties. These applications include, but may not be limited to, Zoom, Google Apps, and other similar programs. In order for our children to use these programs and services, certain personally identifying information—generally the user’s name and email address—may be required to be provided to the website. Please note that any personal information provided by CASA ONline is for educational purposes only and is used solely to communicate with the service provider.

Under federal law entitled the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), certain websites must provide parental notification and obtain parental consent before collecting personal information from children under the age of 13. For more information on COPPA, please visit


CASA ONline will have a theme day on Wednesdays. Campers are encouraged to dress theme-related during that day if they feel they would like to participate. This is just for fun. Be creative!

Here is our calendar for this summer including the theme days:

June 22:                     Session I begins 

June 24:                     Theme Day – Color Day!

July 1:                          Theme Day: Red, Blue and White Day

July 2:                          Session I ends

July 3:                          No Camp on July 3 due to Independence Day!

July 6:                          Session II begins

July 8:                          Theme Day – Polka Dot Day!

July 15:                        Theme Day – Favorite Character Day!

July 17:                         Session II ends

July 20:                        Session III begins

July 22:                        Theme Day – Sports Day!

July 29:                        Theme Day – Crazy Hair/Hat Day!

July 31:                         Session III ends

August 3:                     Session IV begins

August 5:                     Theme Day – Pajama Day!

August 12:                   Theme Day – Animal/Farm Day!

August 14:                   Session IV ends


The official attendance is taken at the beginning of each session. 


We know there may be days you are unable to attend a Zoom session. Please advise your teacher or the CASA ONline Office ( so they know about it.


At the end of the summer, we will email an online survey about CASA ONline 2020. Please use this opportunity to let us know your thoughts. We strive for excellence and value your feedback or any suggestions you have.