Campers will remain in the same class block/cohort through the three-week session. All classes will repeat in Session II with a different curriculum. You can find here the description of those classes. For a complete schedule, please go to CASA Classes to see the different options.


Acting and Improvisation (grades entering 1 & up)

Do you like to think on your feet? Does your imagination soar at a second’s notice? This is the class for you. You’ll learn acting basics and the secrets to successful improv performance. 

Ceramic Handbuilding (grades entering 1 & up)

Learn traditional pinch, coil, and slab techniques of hand-building ceramics to make take-home treasures. CASA’s two studios teach the same techniques, producing different projects.

Painting (grades entering 1-3)

This class will go over different painting techniques while you learn about artists and art history. Explore many possibilities in this amazing class full of color and creativity!

Minecraft (grades 1-3)

Campers will learn how to play Minecraft while compelling experience by just exploring, crafting, and building things in this world. Players will push the limits, with the guidance of the teacher, of the construction tools of Minecraft-people have built. 

Nature Walk (grades 1-3)

Campers will have the experience of walking to Rock Creek Park where campers will explore the woods, plane and animal life, and birdwatching. Snakes, frogs, snails, and animal footprints are something to look forward to in this discovery-filled class in the great outdoors.

Magic (grades 1-3)

In this class, students will not only learn the basic effects that make up all magic tricks but more importantly, they will discover the real secrets to becoming a true magician while having tons of fun.

Yoga & Meditation (grades 1 & up)

Delve into greater self-expression, body-awareness, social skills, positive thinking, and environmental sensitivity through basic yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.

Soccer (grades 1-3 )

This class highlights the principles of offense and defense. Goalie skills, dribbling, heading, trapping, controlling, and team formation will be taught. This class will be held outdoors only.

CASA TV (grades 4 & up)

Here’s the scoop: become a reporter, news anchor, or TV producer. Entertainment, sports, and news come alive at CASA!

Traditional Animation (grades 4 & up)

This class will teach campers how to create animations with different supplies and tools. This is an “animation lab” class!

Board Games (grades 3 & up)

This class will be funfilled with fun while playing classic board games like risk, Monopoli, scrabble, chess, battleship, connect four, backgammon, and much more…