These classes are not available this summer. We have them here as a sampler of what we offer every summer for in-house camp. The classes we are offering this summer are HERE.

Period 2

Basketball (grades 4 & up)

Whether you’re hoping to improve your skills on the court or are new to the game of basketball, this class promises great fun for hoopsters of all levels.

Ceramic Handbuilding (Sessions I-III only)

Learn traditional pinch, coil, and slab techniques of hand-building ceramics to make take-home treasures. CASA’s two studios teach the same techniques, producing different projects.

Clay Workshop (grades 4 & up)

This class is designed for campers who have previous experience working with clay.

Garden & Cook

CASA has a garden and the cooking classes will take advantage of it. Fresh veggies, herbs will be an important part of the recipes of this class.

Glee Club

A small choir where the students will sing songs with some simple harmonies. Repertoire will come from musical theater, standards, folk, and pop/rock.

Hip-Hop (grades 1-3) (Sessions I-III only)

Get your groove on! Enjoy “street style” hip-hop movements and appreciate the various ethnic and cultural influences that this rhythm brings to life.

Hollywood Film Crew (grades 4 & up)

Lights! Camera! Action! Discover the art of movie-making from behind the camera. Become a director, camera person, special effects designer and sound operator.

Mad Science

Imagine the wizardry you can conjure up in the laboratories of CASA! We’re not quite Hogwarts, but you’ll learn potions and amazing scientific tricks.

Modern Dance (grades 4 & up)

Moved by music? Explore different movement qualities: rhythmic, spatial, and body awareness. Creative expression is encouraged!

Digital Media (grades 4 & up)

This class is design to combine art and digital media. Modify photos, create your own design, play with all tools digital art offers you.

Knitting, Sewing, and Crochet

This class will go over knitting, crochet, and some sewing techniques. The class is designed for campers that have experience and campers who would like to explore and learn something new.


This class will teach students to use different mediums to do collages that will be transformed into amazing art projects.

Robots & Circuits

Building robots is fun, easy, and can be done by nearly anyone. Each session, there’s a new challenge to solve, a new experiment to conduct and a new robot to build.

Soccer (grades 1-3)

This class highlights the principles of offense and defense. Goalie skills, dribbling, heading, trapping, controlling, and team formation will be taught.