Campers will remain in the same class block/cohort through the three-week session. All classes will repeat in Session II with a different curriculum. You can find here the description of those classes. For a complete schedule, please go to CASA Classes to see the different options.


Makers and Innovation Space  (grades entering 1 – 3)

Makerspace is more than space itself, it is a mindset that can and should be with the skills of creativity and innovation. Campers will discover multiple ways of creating their one art in this “all makers” space.

Minecraft  (grades entering 1 – 3)

Campers will learn how to play Minecraft while compelling experience by just exploring, crafting, and building things in this world. Players will push the limits, with the guidance of the teacher, of the construction tools of Minecraft-people have built.

Gardening  (grades entering 1 – 3)

Campers will learn from the basics of plants and why they are important all the way to the production of vegetables and fruits.  They will learn about plant propagation, the proper care of seedlings, and how to care for newly transplanted additions to CASA’s garden.

Silly Dance Moves  (grades entering 1 – 3)

After dancing all morning, campers will try out their silliest moves while having fun playing and dancing with their peers.

2-D Art  (grades entering 1 -3)

In this class, campers will learn the discipline of drawing, painting, printmaking, and two-dimensional design. This class emphasizes materials, techniques, process, history, and language of art.

Soccer (grades 1-3 )

This class highlights the principles of offense and defense. Goalie skills, dribbling, heading, trapping, controlling, and team formation will be taught. This class will be held outdoors only.

The Potter’s Club  (grades entering 4 & up)

Experiment with clay to create awesome, imaginative works of art. It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gift-giving!

Classic Outdoors Games  (grades entering 3 & up)

Campers will get a similar experience we (parents/guardians) had in the times we played outside with our friends all summer long. Although today it seems different, we are sure campers will enjoy playing classic games like hide and sick, kick the can, tag, red ligh -green light, and much more…

Modern Dance 1  (grades entering 4 & up)

This class teaches campers the rudimentary movements that are the foundation for classical modern dance to live musical accompaniment. Campers will focus on contractions, spirals, basic floor work, and elemental concepts of space, time, and force all while having fun!

Creative Monologues (grades entering 4 & up)

Campers will learn acting techniques while using creative expression and building their own

Digital Animation (grades entering 4 & up)

This class will teach campers how to create different types of animation using different supplies and tools. Have fun in this “animation lab” class!

Movie Magic (grades entering 4 & up)

Ever wonder how they made Superman fly? Light up Lightsabers? Or cast spells in Hogwarts? Learn the secrets behind special effects in Hollywood movies and create some of your own! In this class, campers will learn how specific special effects are created and how to pull them off believably. They’ll also get the chance to create their own lighting setup and build a prop of their own, which will have a special effect attached to it.

Dungeons and Dragons (grades entering 3 & up)

Campers will immerse themselves in this roleplaying game about storytelling in worlds of sword and sorcery. Each camper creates an adventurer (also called a character) and teams up with other adventurers (played by friends).