Period 3

Beginner Video (grades 1-4)

Get the maximum fun from a camcorder. Start with the basics of movie making and explore the creation of music videos, sitcoms, and drama.

CASA Musical (grades 3 & up)

Campers need to take this class for periods 3 & 4 and be at CASA for session 1, 2 & 3. Please select this class for period 3 & 4.

Take part in a large-scale Broadway-style production. Under the guidance of a talented group of theater artists/teachers, campers participate in acting, dance, voice, and music as well as costume, prop, and set design. Auditions will be held at the start of the program. Performances will be held on August 4 at noon and 6 p.m. Extra rehearsals during Festival Period and after camp may be needed.

Chess (grades 4 & up)

It’s strategic, it’s intense, and it’s a great way to practice discipline and strengthen your intellect. Best of all, chess is fun. Join us!

Dance Around the World

Experience the various dances and techniques from many different cultures and places around the world. 

Food Goes Global

Join us in a delicious round-the-world journey as we savor multicultural delicacies from different nations. Bon Appetite!

Hip-Hop (grades 3 & up)

Get your groove on! Enjoy “street style” hip-hop movements and appreciate the various ethnic and cultural influences that this rhythm brings to life.

Ink and Printmaking (grades 3 & up)

Ink work is one of the most ancient and beautiful visual arts. Master the basics of monotypes, rubber printing, and printmaking, using ink as your medium.

Jewelry Making

Get creative and Eco-friendly by using recycled materials to fashion beautiful jewelry pieces that can make for great gifts or be worn by you!

Lego Land

Future architects and engineers, this is for you! Each week, you’ll tackle a new Lego challenge. Teachers will help you visualize parts-of-the whole to construct efficient, astounding Lego creations.

Made by YOU! – Ceramics

Crazy for bisque? In this class you will learn different techniques of glazing while creating mobiles, masks, candle holders anything you can imagine just with bisque.

Mad Scientist

Imagine the wizardry you can conjure up in the laboratories of CASA! We’re not exactly Hogwarts, but you’ll learn potions and amazing scientific tricks.

The Potter’s Club – Ceramics

Master the art of hand-building, wheel throwing, and glazing techniques in a small group setting.

Sculpting/3D Art

Campers will learn to use different materials to make unique 3D objects. Come and explore a new world with us!

Team Games

If you like sports and games, this class is for you. Dodgeball, kickball, volleyball, new games and old favorites keep you and your teammates on the ball.


Splish-splash! Cool down with water games. All games will be played on the playground in good weather.