Period 4

3-D Art

Campers will learn to use recycled materials to make unique 3D objects. Come and explore a new world with us!

Better Than “Easy Bake”

Move over, Betty Crocker: CASA campers will be whipping up delicious desserts, cakes, breads, and cookies.

CASA Blog (grades 4 & up)

Extra! Extra! Write, edit, illustrate, design, and lay out the CASA newspaper. Roam the camp, interview staff and campers, conduct polls, create puzzles, take pictures using digital cameras, then put it all together in our Newspaper Blog.

CASA Mini-Musical (grades 3 & up)

Campers need to take this class for periods 3 & 4. Please select this class for period 3 & 4.

Take part in a smaller-scale Broadway-style production. Under the guidance of a talented group of theater artists/teachers, campers participate in acting, dance, voice, and music as well as costume, prop, and set design. This is a small scale of our popular CASA Musical for campers who would like to get the experience of being in a musical, but cannot commit to join CASA for 6 weeks. Final performance will be held at the end of each session at our Arts Festival.


Here’s the scoop: become a reporter, news anchor, or TV producer. Entertainment, sports, and news come alive at CASA!

Ceramics & Fun

If you re a clay-niac this class is for you! Learn the secrets of working with clay and you’ll soon be making the most amazing pieces.

Fitness, Gymnastics, & Fun

In this class you will have three of your favorites: you will do gymnastics, move around, and have fun all at once!


Our CASA garden is a living laboratory where campers will learn from real life experiences fueled by their curiosity and enthusiasm. Gardening will engage our campers to observe, discover, experiment, nurture and learn all while having fun!


Get your groove on! Enjoy “street style” hip-hop movements and appreciate the various ethnic and cultural influences that this rhythm brings to life.

Mad Science

Imagine the wizardry you can conjure up in the laboratories of CASA! We’re not quite Hogwarts, but you’ll learn potions and amazing scientific tricks.

Music Production (grades 3 & up)

Campers will learn how to use “Garage Band” and experiment with instruments, record them and make songs. This is a great way of garnering interest for beginners who may later wish to move to formal instruction. For the experienced musician, it opens doors into creativity.


Experiment with materials like wire, plaster, wood or recycle material to create your own artwork. Let your hands channel your imagination and creativity.

The Potters Club: Hand and Wheel (grades 3 & up)

Experiment with all types of clay to create awesome, imaginative works of art. It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gift-giving!


This class introduce campers to basic slow pitch softball knowledge and skills. Instruction concerning equipment, fundamentals in throwing, catching, pitching, hitting, base running, base coaching, and rules of the game will be part of this class.

Yoga & Meditation

Delve into greater self-expression, body-awareness, social skills, positive thinking, and environmental sensitivity through basic yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.