How long is camp? Do I have to sign up for a two week session or can my child just join one week?
Most spaces at CASA are reserved for our two-week sessions, but we do offer individual “guest weeks”. Please note: spaces for these weeks are limited.

Does CASA provide financial aid?
Yes, the deadline to apply for Financial aid is February 28, 2020. To apply, please go to this link.

I’ve registered my child for camp, but our plans changed and I need to cancel! What is CASA’s refund policy?
We automatically refund the part of your payment that exceeds $250. The deposit of $250 can be refunded if we are notified by May 8, 2020 AND there is someone on the waitlist for the cancelled week/session.

I’d like to change my child’s classes. How do I do that?
Class changes can be only requested through email to These can be requested until the camp session starts. Once camp starts, we offer an “Add/Drop” form for families to fill out during the first three days of each session. This form will be send with our weekly newsletter.

My child has a friend at camp. Can they be grouped together for parts of the day?
Yes! You can add his/her name when you register your child, or you can email the name of your child’s friend(s) whom he/she would like to be with. They’ll be placed in the same clubhouse, which is a homeroom type of setting at the beginning and end of each day. They’ll also have lunch and festival period together.

My child is on the waitlist for a week/session. When will I hear news about coming off the waitlist?
Waitlists are a bit unpredictable by nature. We will notify you as soon as a spot becomes available for your desired week/session.

Does CASA offer swimming and/or water play?
Yes! Young Creators have the option to sign up for Swimming in Period 1. Campers enrolled in swimming take a bus to American University for their lessons. There is an extra fee if $90 to cover costs of transportation and swimming. We also offer Watermania in period 3, which features various water-based games and activities on the playground. Our CLK program also has water play every Friday! They do not have formal swimming lessons.

Does CASA has a nurse?
Yes, our CASA nurse is at CASevery day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. She is the person to contact in case you have any medical concern or if your child has an allergy or medical condition we need to be aware of. If you have specific questions you can contact her directly at Additionally, our entire CASA staff is CPR and First-Aid certified.

Do I need to register my child in advance for CASA AM or CASA PM?
If you know in advance you need one or both programs, please let us know in order to have the appropriate number of teachers for the program. You can also notify us by email (, by phone (202.507.7722) or fill out the form at at the front office. You can register your child for the week (CASA AM : $60 and CASA PM: $150) or we can charge you per day (CASAM: $15 and CASA PM: $33). All charges will be made weekly to the credit card we have on file.

Who are CASA’s teachers?
We hire college students professionals in the fields of sports, arts, drama, video, cooking, and early childhood. We also hire CITs (creative interns that are still in high school). All of our teachers have a background check and are professional, creative and engaging with our campers. We have 60% returning teachers each summer and have a happy and safe community.

What do I need to do to notify the camp that my child will leave early, will stay in CASA PM or will go home with a friend?
We have a form at the front office where you can fill out in the morning and hand it to our receptionist. You can also notify us via email at or call at 202.507.7722. In order to keep a clear communication, please do not hand any notes to our CASA teachers.

Does my child need to bring lunch every day?
All campers need to bring non-perishable lunches every day and a water bottle. Please mark all items with your child’s name. CLK (ages 3-5) campers will have a bin in front of their class to leave their lunch and a separate bin to leave their water bottle. Young Creator (grades 1-7) will find their bin in our cafeteria marked with their Clubhouse number. Water bottles can travel with them or they can leave it in their Clubhouse.

CASA supplies a morning snack for all campers and an afternoon snack for CASA PM (all fresh fruit is from “Good Morning Farm”).

Does CASA provides sunscreen to the campers?
CASA provides sunscreen to all campers that have outdoor classes. It is not mandatory, but our teachers try as much as possible to remind our campers. If you would like your child to have applied sunscreen every day, please contact our nurse directly at
If you child needs a specific sunscreen, please provide her/him with one.

Do they have water breaks?
CASA encourage our campers to take water breaks frequently. We encourage to all campers to bring a water bottle (marked) to travel with them throughout the day.

Is CASA nut-free?
Our CLK Program (Creative Little Program: ages 3-5) IS NUT-FREE. Please make sure NOT to pack anything with nuts of processed in nut facilities. Our Young Creators Program (grades 1 & up) is NOT nut-free.

How does CASA communicate with us?
CASA sends an email with a “look ahead” of the week every Friday before a session begins or continues. All the information can be found on our website and on our CASA blog. In addition, we have a bulletin board at the entrance of CASwith the week’s announcements.

What else do I need to know before CASA begins? What do we need to bring on the first day of camp?
CASA sends the Camper’s Handbook with all the information before each session begins.

  • Our CLK campers (ages 3-5) need to bring:
    Change of clothes including underwear
    Water bottle
    Swimsuit and towel (for Friday’s water day)
    Large plastic bag (for wet clothes)
    Sunblock (if you do not want your child to use the sunblock we have in each classroom)
    Yoga mat, blanket, and pillow if your child takes naps
    Non-perishable lunch
  • Our YC campers (grades 1-7) need to bring:
    Non-perishable lunch
    Water bottle (marked)
    Charge of clothes if he/she is taking any water related class (swimming or watermania)
    Sunblock (if you do not want your child to use the sunblock we have at CASA)