CASA’s Festivities for All

Our house is your house at CASA! We open our doors to families, friends, and neighbors throughout the summer. Come join us as we celebrate the highlights and achievements of our campers, teachers, and guests artists.

Ice Cream Social & COVID test

Come one, come all on June 24, 2022 (time TBD), and see what CASA is all about! We’ll have our weekly COVID testing (pre-registration required) and ice cream for all!

Arts Festival 2022

One of CASA’s most popular traditions, the Arts Festival showcases our campers’ mid-term accomplishments. Marvel at how much they’ve achieved…it’s beyond imagination! Performances and exhibitions will run throughout the day on July 8 @ 2p.m, July 22@ 2p.m.,  and August 5 @ 2p.m. Prepare to be amazed. See you there!

We understand that it may be hard for you to join us and we will try to video stream each day we have this kind of performance.